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Getting your pitch right really can make all the difference to your business – our coaching team works closely with you to assess the strengths and weaknesses in your research and preparation, pitch documents, delivery and ability to handle Q&As.

Whether you pitch on your own or as a team, we will design the session around you and the audience you want to influence and persuade. The coaching covers elements of theory, particularly around honing your story, but focusses on pitch practice to build your confidence and help you find the style that works for you.

The practical scenarios will be filmed and played back so you can critique your own performance and adapt and improve your methods.

What’s included in your programme?

  • A bespoke programme tailored to your requirements
  • Extensive research on the client and their industry
  • Expert coaching
  • All course materials
  • Filmed interactive scenarios and video files
  • Written delegate feedback post-session

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    Our standard training courses consist of half-day or full-day sessions, conducted either in groups or one-on-one. We use video recording and playback equipment in all of our sessions, which can be conducted at any location. For more information or to request a quote, call, email or let us know a few details and we’ll get back to you.